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Two days after delivery, my OB made my husband and me promise to not get a divorce during our daughter’s first year. We couldn’t believe she would even suggest such a thing – we had just brought a perfect human into this world and couldn’t love each other more. Then the sleepless nights came, as did the never-ending diapers, round the clock pumping schedule and nagging postpartum anxiety. Her comment suddenly made all too much sense, and we began to find new ways to strengthen our relationship. When you want to hit your partner, hug them. When you want to call them every name in the book, tell them you love and appreciate them. Parenting is hard, but you are in it together – never forget that.
— Nique, Dripping Springs, Tx
After having my first baby, I remember feeling so alone. I was exhausted and so overwhelmed with the responsibility of motherhood. I felt as though no one had ever felt the way I did, and then I reached out for help. The support of my doctor, my friends and my family made me realize I was normal. That it was okay to feel afraid and anxious. Their encouragement made all the difference. Remember that you are not alone. Give yourself lots of grace, and realize that things will get easier!
— Bailey, Amarillo, Texas
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Everything is a phase. Good or bad, it’s just a phase. Whether you think you are the best mom in the world with the best baby in the world, or you don’t think you can handle another night - before you know it, it will be a new day and your baby will be on to the next thing.
— Lindsay, Saratoga Springs, NY