Every Mama Postpartum Care Kit

Every Mama Postpartum Care Kit

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Experts have likened labor and childbirth to running a marathon, but we really know it’s like climbing Mt. Everest and then starting the marathon called “raising a child.” Our La Mama Care Every Mama Postpartum Care Kit is packed with essential items to support you physically and mentally as you head into the fourth trimester.
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What’s in the box:

  • Dried Fruit + Seeds - Nuts and seeds are often referred to as a postpartum “superfood” and for good reason! These little guys pack a big punch by providing fiber, protein and the good kind of fat. All of which are essential to staying full, maintaining energy and stabilizing blood sugar.

We hand-selected this proprietary fruit and seed mix from Austin, TX favorite, austiNuts, to provide a great mix of potassium (Turkish apricots) and magnesium (pumpkin kernels) for postpartum health needs and also support urinary tract health (dried cranberries).

  • Water Bottle - Water is such an important part of the recovery process and works all kinds of wonders. We chose this particular water bottle to keep up with a busy lifestyle. This lightweight bottle can be thrown into a bag without the worry of spilling and fits in a standard-sized cup holder.

  • Lavender Lip Balm - This little stick packs the soothing effects of lavender while keeping lips feeling soft and hydrated – a must for dry postpartum skin.

  • Breast Pads - Being drenched in breastmilk is never fun. Breast pads will come in handy for nursing mamas as well as mamas waiting for their milk supply to dry up. We love these reusable pads because not only are they good for the environment, but you never have to worry about running out!

  • Cozy Wrap - This wrap is just for you. It can be thrown on over a tank top to run errands or used to help regulate your post-baby body temperature. Consider this your superhero cape!

While we know you know, we still have to say: to avoid the risk of suffocation, please keep this wrap away from baby while baby is sleeping and do not put the wrap on baby's face.

  • Soap + Water Wipes - Once baby comes, grabbing a quick shower is not as easy as it once was. We have included these wipes to help with freshening up on the go. They can also be used to naturally sanitize hands without the drying effects of hand sanitizer.

  • Notebook + Pen - Experts have shown that getting your thoughts onto paper helps lessen worry and anxiety. While we can’t guarantee this notebook will fix it all, it provides the perfect place to journal and/or write down must remember items.

  • The Superhero’s Guide to Postpartum Care - Each kit comes with The Superhero’s Guide to Postpartum Care. This handy booklet gives a more in-depth overview of the contents of the care kit and also provides important information to help you navigate the fourth trimester.