Donate a Kit

Donate a Kit

from 39.99

We started La Mama Care because not every mama gets the postpartum care she needs. This is especially true for low-income and refugee mamas.

At La Mama Care, we believe every parent matters.

To donate a kit:

  1. Choose from the Every Mama Postpartum Care Kit ($59.99) or the Breastfeeding Mama Postpartum Care Kit ($39.99) and the quantity you would like to purchase.

  2. Click “Donate”.

  3. Fill out payment information.

  4. Feel amazing for helping out a mama in need.

Note: all kits will be delivered to partner organizations by La Mama Care staff. To protect each mama’s privacy, we will not be able to share details as boxes are given but will post updates as possible on social media. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (all @lamamacare) to stay in the loop!

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Donated kits will be given to Giving Austin Labor Support (GALS). Serving the Central Texas community for 10 years, GALS is a nonprofit dedicated to ensuring no one is alone or under-supported in birth, regardless of ability to pay. Volunteers from GALS provide emotional, physical and informational birth support in hospitals, birth centers, and even the occasional home birth  -- helping birthing people find their power while also improving birth outcomes. GALS operates three programs: On Call Program, Prenatal Program, and a partnership with the Travis County Sheriff's Office to serve those who are incarcerated and pregnant in Travis County Correctional Complex. To learn more, visit


The Pregnancy and Postpartum Health Alliance (PPHA) is a volunteer driven non-profit dedicated to increasing support for families struggling with Perinatal Mood or Anxiety Disorders (PMADs) in Central Texas. Our main initiatives include building alliances in the community, maintaining a website with links to vital resources, providing a database of local providers who have demonstrated expertise in treating PMADs, and offering direct services to low-income women struggling with PMAD.The Postpartum Doula Program provides 20 hours of free in-home care with a postpartum doula who is specially trained in working with Perinatal Mood or Anxiety Disorders (PMADs). Our studies have shown that 20 hours of work with a postpartum doula can significantly reduce the symptoms of PMADs and increase the quality of life for mother and baby. To learn more, visit