Breastfeeding Mama Postpartum Care Kit

Breastfeeding Mama Postpartum Care Kit

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We’re giving you (or your loved one) a virtual high five for making the wonderful decision to breastfeed your sweet babe. To honor this journey, we’ve put together the Breastfeeding Care Kit with all the booby essentials.
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What’s in the Box:

  • Haakaa Breast Pump - This motor-free, hands-free and tube-free breast pump is where it’s at. The Haakaa is perfect for traveling, pumping discreetly while on that business phone call or catching all that liquid gold coming from the boob that is just hanging out while you’re breastfeeding.

  • Milkful Lactation Bars - These yummy treats will keep your belly and boobs full. They are packed full of mama-approved nutritious goodies including Fenugreek. *Please see package for directions and nutrition information.

  • Earth Mama Nipple Butter - Sore, cracked nipples are common while breastfeeding but who wants that?! This amazing nipple butter can be used any time to soothe your nipples between feeding sessions.

  • La Mama Care Breastfeeding Guide - Like the Every Mama Kit, our Breastfeeding Kit includes a resource booklet that provides the low down on the kit contents and some helpful tips straight from our favorite lactation consultant, Naya Weber of It’s More Than Milk.

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