Our Favorite Things: A look inside the Every Mama Postpartum Care Kit

Every Mama Care Kit

At La Mama Care, we are launching our first postpartum care kit - the Every Mama Care Kit. This first kit will be just one of many that will help mamas navigate the critical time of the fourth trimester. Our goal is to let mamas know they aren’t alone and help them conquer the first year after baby - and beyond - with honesty and humor.

One question we are frequently asked is how we decided on the contents of our first box. As mamas who have been through five pregnancies and birthed six babies, we heavily relied on personal experience and what we know DOESN’T work. We’ve also spent lots of time talking with mamas all over the world, to get an idea of the best products that nurture mama’s physical and mental well-being.

For a closer look at the items in the Every Mama Care Kit, we thought we’d each share a few of our favorites and how we like to put them to use.



Anne Handzies.jpg

Soap + Water Wipes

Founder Anne using a Handzies soap and water wipe as a face mask. We can't guarantee it will work any magic, but we're all for squeezing pampering in however you can.

During the early weeks and months postpartum, I couldn’t seem to keep myself fed enough to not feel totally depleted of energy while breastfeeding twins. I also had zero time for anything longer than a five-minute shower and constantly found myself covered in all types of bodily fluids (most not belonging to me!). Including an easy, nutritious, and yummy snack in the form of our Postpartum Dried Fruit & Seed Mix in our care kit is a no-brainer. Mamas need to keep themselves fed with the right kinds of food for obvious health reasons. You can’t take care of other people very well if you’re not also taking care of yourself.

The Handzies Soap + Water Wipes are a brilliantly simple and eco-friendly way to keep your hands and face clean when a shower just isn’t going to happen. For lactating mamas, these wipes are also great for getting breast milk off of you :)
Pro tip: You can also use a wipe for a DIY facial.

JC and notebook.jpg

Notebook + Pen

Founder Jacqueline putting the notebook and pen to good use.


I wasn’t much of a writer prior to having my daughter, but after her birth (that I’m still processing through the help of EMDR, btw! Hooray for mental health providers!), I had an insatiable urge to write out her birth story and other thoughts surrounding her debut earthside. By including the sweet notebook and pen, my hope is that all mamas will keep it close to capture what is on their mind, whether it’s their own superhero story or a simple to-do list.

As a doula, I appreciate the healing powers of essential oils. I’m a little obsessed with the lavender lip balm as it’s a simple, fast pick-me-up for your senses and lips. I like to think of it as self-care in stick form.



Nique Wrap.jpeg

Cozy Wrap

Founder Nique rocking the cozy wrap as a head wrap.

I can’t believe how thirsty having a baby makes you. Add to that nursing, and I feel like I am constantly parched. While the mondo water jugs from the hospital are amazing, they aren’t exactly travel-friendly. I love our custom water bottle, because it keeps drinks cold (or hot) for a crazy long time and is super easy to take anywhere. Also, how pretty is that color?

After each of my deliveries, I found myself reaching for the closest thing I could find to throw over myself when people stopped by, which oftentimes ended up being a baby blanket. I also flipped back and forth between being ridiculously hot and freezing cold, so something that was easy to put on and take off was a must. I’m excited to include the cozy wrap for mamas who get our Every Mama Kit for these very reasons.
Pro tip: It also works great as a head wrap :)

Do you have a favorite item in the care kit? If so, we’d love to know! We’d also love to know if you don’t love something in the kit. We purposefully order in small batches, so we can modify each box to fit the needs of all mamas. Comment below or send us an email at info@lamamacare.com.

Keep an eye on the La Mama Care shop for future experience boxes and other La Mama Care merchandise!


Anne, Jacqueline + Nique

Founded in Austin, Texas, in 2018 by three working mamas, La Mama Care provides postpartum care kits focused on the mama’s mental and physical health apart from baby in the crucial fourth trimester.