Mama Minute August 20-24

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Breastfeeding in the news

This week, we’re giving a standing ovation to Goldman Sachs. CNBC reports that the investment bank will now offer a courier service for traveling mamas who need to get milk home. Because figuring out how to get multiple ounces of breastmilk back on a flight or long car trip is v inconvenient. The article states that for its U.S. offices, the bank “will deliver freezing kits to nursing employees' hotel rooms and then courier expressed milk back to the baby for feeding.” We are thrilled to see a company taking the first step toward taking care of working mamas.

By now, you have probably seen this everywhere. If not, take a look at this CNN article that details the story of a compassionate mama in uniform who jumped to calm a crying, abandoned baby by breastfeeding him. #superhero

Why we can’t have nice things

Did you know that in the U.S., black women are three to four times more likely to die immediately before or after childbirth than white women? Senator Kamala Harris knows, and as the LA Times reports, she is working hard to change that. The site reports, “The California Democrat plans to introduce a bill Wednesday to provide $30 million in annual grants to train against racial bias and to incentivize healthcare professionals to address the disparity in maternal health outcomes.” We will be following this one closely.

The New York Times reported on a new study that sought to find the reason more mothers aren’t working. The results show that while many women have intentions to return to work after baby, they “are increasingly caught off guard by the time and effort it takes to raise children.” The article notes that not only do women feel the need to have Instagram-worthy lives, but childcare rates have also “increased by 65 percent since the early 1980s.” In addition, as motherhood demands increase both at home and in the workplace, fathers are not increasing their tasks around the home. According to the article, “The result is that women’s expectations seem to be outpacing the realities of public policy, workplace culture and family life.” We’ve got a long way to go, America.

The Austin American-Statesman (our hometown newspaper) reported a recent study on the maternal mortality crisis in Texas. The study found that “Most pregnancy-related deaths in Texas in 2012, which saw the highest number of maternal deaths to date, could have been prevented.” The article goes on to highlight significant disparities for black women and Medicaid recipients. Researchers pointed to “a complex interaction of personal, provider, facility, systems and community factors” that played a part in all preventable deaths.

Postpartum mind + body

We are so thankful that the subject of postpartum depression is becoming less taboo. This week, Huffington Post covered the challenges to getting help when you have a postpartum mental disorder and Yahoo Finance highlighted Chrissy Teigen’s struggle with delayed postpartum depression.

Postpartum sex. If those words made you shudder, you’re not alone, and it’s ok. Our friends at SELF tackled this tough subject and offered some fresh insight: “Just because most people are cleared for sex by six weeks, that doesn't mean that you should start having sex again, that it's the norm, or that it's even going to be enjoyable at first.”

After growing a baby for nine months and then giving birth, your core needs some love to help your body start realigning and support you as it should. ZLiving posted some great ways to gently strengthen your core post-baby.

Go in peace

While the world is crazy and motherhood is hard, we vow to always leave you on a high note. Here are some articles to cheer you up, inspire you, and hopefully make you smile.

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And this week's winner of the Internet:


Have a great weekend, Mamas!