Mama Minute February 9-16

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Breastfeeding in the news

A lot has come out this week about breastfeeding vs. pumping. Opinions aside, Science Daily explains how how human milk microbiota (bacteria) has a strong association with feeding method.

And further to the scientific study of breastfeeding, the Child Development Institute has released a report on the bonding aspects of breastfeeding for mother and child. The article particularly highlights how breastfeeding after returning back to work can be blueprint for the intuitiveness, nurturing, and empathy that comes with experienced mothering.

Postpartum mind + body

Also in the news recently is the recommendation from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, an influential panel of clinicians and researchers, that more can and should be done for pregnant women to prevent postpartum depression. The Task Force determined that counseling interventions such as cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy were effective in preventing perinatal depression.

The Mamas are wishing they had this Women’s Health Postpartum Guide before and after pregnancy! It’s not all unicorns and rainbows, but it sure is accurate.

Superhero Spotlight

Having a baby in the NICU can be a very stressful and surreal experience as Mama Jacqueline has talked about. Parents with babies in the NICU are also often overwhelmed by the support they receive from hospitals and healthcare providers. After Taylor Voelker’s daughter spent 51 days in the NICU, she worked with local Cleveland schools to provide donations and supplies for the hospital that helped her daughter.

Winning the Internet this week

Remember when your parents told you to just be yourself when trying to make friends at school? Well, the same applies when trying to make friends as a mama.