Mama Minute January 12-18

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Breastfeeding in the news

Thank you, Dr. Kera Lovell, for pointing out that those who think breastfeeding is a “free” way to feed baby also suggest that a woman’s time is worthless. Lots of milk, sweat, tears, and time go into breastfeeding and pumping!

In case you need another reason to love good ol’ New Orleans (it’s one of Mama Anne’s faves!!!), the city has just launched a $2 million program to boost breastfeeding rates in birthing hospitals.

Overwhelmed with the do’s and don’ts of breastfeeding? We appreciate Pinky McKay laying out these simple and straightforward guidelines.

Postpartum mind + body

While getting adequate sleep may seem completely unattainable during the newborn months (and beyond!), sleep is imperative to overcoming postpartum depression and anxiety. A great first step in establishing a new self-care regimen after baby is to enlist the help of your partner, loved ones, or even a postpartum doula so that you can catch a few winks!

Getting to know your postpartum body takes time and can be a difficult adjustment. We’re really digging these badass women who are showcasing their postpartum power.

Superhero Spotlight

And further to our first article, this breastfeeding mama won a 268-mile race even while stopping to express her milk.

Winning the Internet this week

Hey happenin’ mamas! Wanna stay hip with the online parenting lingo? HuffPo’s got you covered.