Mama Minute 9/9-9/14

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D.C. hosts a maternal health summit, a real life supermom inspires us all, a nursing rhinoceros inadvertently trolls mom-shamers and more in this week’s postpartum news. 

Breastfeeding in the News

UK news was on fire this week. We learned of a baby comfort nursing on her dad from BBC and Bristol Live covered a sweet new fad taking place in Bristol. Finally, The Sun covered Jessica Cunningham and other new moms breastfeeding live on TV.

The Journal of the American Medical Association shared some interesting statistics on the impact of the Affordable Care Act and breastfeeding, particularly in regard to the requirement that private health insurers cover the cost of breast pumps for new mothers.

A big thanks to Yahoo for bringing us the story of Seyia the rhinoceros. Seyia is still nursing her 14-month-old, Kendi, and the internet seized the opportunity to tell mom shamers to have a seat. We’re still giggling over some of the comments.

Why we can’t have nice things

While it isn’t specific to postpartum health, we are pretty sure that every woman going back to work after having a baby can relate to Serena. Fortune captures our feelings well.

Well, yes. Thanks, Dallas News.

We should all be able to agree that in this day and age, women shouldn’t fear for their lives when going in to give birth at a hospital. This week, Forbes covers the shocking statistics of .

Postpartum mind + body

La Mama Care co-founder Anne knows firsthand that raising twins is h-a-r-d, but we were all interested to learn about the impact twins can have on moms and partners. NPR gives an in-depth look at the toll growing, birthing and raising twins can take on a mom’s mental health.

Sometimes life with a newborn can seem like a nightmare, but did you know that actual nightmares are very common for new moms? A recent Glamour article highlights that sleep deprivation for new moms isn’t always due to a fussy baby, but rather because of the restlessness of a mom’s mind as she adjusts to her new life.  

Real talk: the Mamas are torn when it comes to ingesting the placenta after birth. But we are completely supportive of moms doing what works for them and always want to learn more. That’s why we are loving this People article that explains Chrissy Teigen’s theory on eating her placenta. Plus, we’re obsessed with Chrissy Teigen.

Praise Hands

We can’t figure out how to do emojis on the blog, but if we could, this Washington Post article would get all the praise hands we could fit on the page. D.C. mayor, Muriel Browser is not only the mom to a beautiful 4-month-old, but has also called a summit to figure out the current maternal health crisis. This article details a proposal from a D.C. health advocacy group on how to fix the problem. Praise.hands.

Go in peace

Supermom stops running during a 106-mile race to breastfeed her son - ABC News

From breastfeeding mum to inventor - Channel NewsAsia

She saved a pregnant woman's life and now works to make childbirth safer for all Afghan women - USA TODAY

Program teaches grandparents new child safety guidelines - Daily Journal

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