Mama Minute August 27-31

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Breastfeeding in the News

Today is the last day of Black Breastfeeding Week. The Washington Post covered four moms who are working to improve breastfeeding rates among black women.

It looks like we can add yet another benefit to the long list for breastfeeding. Yahoo News is reporting “that women who breastfeed may have a lower risk of stroke post-menopause.”

Anyone else at a loss for what to get when starting the breastfeeding journey? USA Today listed out the 15 essentials for breastfeeding and pumping moms. The list includes everything from bras and breast pads to pretty pump bags and nursing /pumping covers. Know what didn’t make the list, but is a total essential? Our brand new Breastfeeding Mama Kit.

We love this reminder article from Huffington Post. Yes, breastfeeding is amazing, but you are not beholden to it. Your job as a mama is to make sure you are happy and healthy so that you can raise a happy and healthy baby. Never forget that fact.

Why we can’t have nice things

We must do better. Black women have a higher maternal mortality rate and a lower breastfeeding rate. Both The Hill and Romper give great insight into these issues.

Postpartum mind + body

Lots of goodness in Memphis news this week.  Local Memphis profiled a mom who used a journal to help her manage postpartum anxiety (a key reason we included one in our Every Mama Kit). In the Memphis Moms Blog, one author explains her experience of trying to find a local mom “tribe” - an experience many of us can relate to.

The postpartum discussion continues with our personal superhero, Serena Williams telling Extra TV that talking about Postpartum Depression shouldn’t be avoided. What to Expect When You’re Expecting covers some of the unknowns surrounding postpartum depression and Reuters reports on a new study that suggests “Children with depressed mothers may end up with altered immune responses and at greater risk for psychological disorders.” Mamas, let this be your reminder that you must take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

If you are breastfeeding or pumping, chances are your breasts could use some love. Romper has a few suggestions on how you (and your partner) can help them feel a little bit less like used tea bags and a lot more like the life-giving superheroes they are.

Go in peace

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