The Mama Minute - August 13-17

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Welcome to The Mama Minute! Every week, we compile our favorite news stories on all things postpartum. Grab a cup of coffee (or wine) or pull it up while you're nursing and enjoy reading about the funny, sad, infuriating, and always interesting lives of moms around the world.

Postpartum Nutrition

In a recent Zliving blog post, author Beeta Hashempour detailed helpful nutrition tips for new moms. While those of us on the other side know that recovering from giving birth is no joke, Hashempour notes that “eating nutrient-dense foods and following a healthy meal plan can make all the difference in how quickly and easily you restore your health.” She points to everything from lots of water to collagen- and probiotic-rich foods as cornerstones to an effective postpartum nutrition plan. She also recommends consulting with a healthcare professional and nutritionist when possible to make sure your diet is working hard to help with recovery.

New Mom Gifts

When author Moataz Hamde’s friends began having babies, she wanted to make sure she was getting gifts that the new parents not only needed but actually wanted. Hamde’s recent article for the Australian Broadcasting Company details her findings after interviewing multiple moms and dads. On the list: a gift for mom, sleep (sign us up), prepared meals, everyday supplies, and a house cleaner.  Her ultimate conclusion? Babies don’t really need gifts, but their weary parents could definitely use the love!

Advocacy for Mamas

Michelle Ayala, a mom who was recently told to ‘cover up’ while breastfeeding her baby on Franklin Pond beach, is taking the first steps toward a lawsuit against the borough. The New Jersey Herald reports the lawsuit would be “...for $1 million and would be filed against the borough; Borough Administrator Alison McHose; Donna Vreeland, a part-time borough employee; and Mayor Nicholas Giordano.” We say, you gotta fight for your right, and we will be rooting for this mama every step of the way.

Postpartum Mental Health

Over at Today’s Parent, Kelly Boutsalis shared her experience with postpartum anxiety. Boutsalis credits her speedy recovery to a responsive healthcare provider but goes on to say that proper postpartum health shouldn’t be a matter of luck, but rather a requirement for all women. She specifically points to the Northern Indigenous peoples of Canada, but we think it’s fair to say this message rings true for marginalized women across the world.

The Guardian detailed singer Adele’s story of her dear friend who was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis. This postpartum mental health disorder affects roughly .1 percent of new moms every year and symptoms include hallucinations, confusion and homicidal/suicidal thoughts. Adele recently shared Laura Dockrill’s blog post to encourage other moms to talk about their feelings because as she says, “ some cases it could save yours or someone else’s life.”  
La Mama Care note: please be aware that Laura’s blog post contains triggering details. If you are currently suffering from a postpartum mental disorder or in the process of recovering, we recommend that you wait to read the post.