10 Ways to Support the Postpartum Mom


10 Ways to Support the Postpartum Mom

All moms need support after baby comes, but oftentimes well-wishers are unsure of the right kind of help and how to offer it. Check out our 10 essential tips to support a mom with a new baby and help her feel loved and supported.


1. Feed her

The number one thing the postpartum mom needs but often does not have time for is wholesome and nutritious food. Having meals delivered, cooking them and delivering, or even cooking at the mom’s home (don’t forget to clean up after yourself!) are all great ways to support the postpartum mom and show her that you care.

2. Use some elbow grease

Chances are the new mom hasn’t gotten a chance to do laundry, wash dishes, pick up the house...or anything else that doesn’t involve keeping a tiny human alive. If you see some dishes in the sink, go ahead and load the dishwasher or wash and dry the dishes. If you see a pile of clean clothes, start folding and ask where they can be put away. Even small things like wiping down counters go a long way to ease the postpartum mom’s mind.

3. Spend time with baby

Offer to stay with the baby so mom can take a hot shower, a nap, or go for a short walk. Trust us, while it’s not that much time for you, it can make a world of difference for her.

4. Compliment her

And we don’t mean on how she looks. No matter if it is her first child or her fifth, the postpartum mom is always going to worry about her competency as a mother to her new baby. Sincerely point out the different things you see her do that make her a good mama. A few kind words are sometimes all it takes to keep a tired mama going after a long, restless day.

5. Anticipate her needs

Many times the postpartum mom isn’t even sure what she needs (that whole keeping a tiny human alive takes up most of her brain space these days). As much as possible, try to anticipate the new mom’s needs without asking, “what can I do for you?” If you can’t think of anything else, stick to food. Food always wins.

6. Know the warning signs

The first few weeks after giving birth can be downright chaotic for the postpartum mama. Between sleep deprivation, healing from a major health event, and focusing on that tiny human, it’s hard to tell which way is up in those weary weeks. That said, while some crying and sadness are “normal”, it is important to know when to encourage the new mom to seek help from a professional. Postpartum Support International is a great resource site that outlines not only the warning signs of a postpartum mental health disorder but also provides resources for seeking help and healing.

7. Offer to make a store run

Remember how we said the new mom isn’t thinking much beyond what baby needs? That goes for groceries, too. Before you go to visit the new mom, ask what she needs from the store. If she says nothing, go ahead and pick up some diapers, wipes or other essentials the new mom can use. Remember: food is always good, too!

8. Come bearing smoothies!

We can’t begin to list all the amazing things about smoothies. Topping the list is the fact that this yummy and filling snack is easily consumed using only one hand. If you know of a great smoothie place near the new mom’s house, offer to make a stop on your way to visit.

9. Let her talk about how she’s feeling and really listen

Even and especially if she isn’t saying how wonderful her new life and family are.

10. Check-in

A once a week call or text is sufficient to remind the postpartum mom that someone’s there.  

Can't be there in person with the new mama? Consider sending her a La Mama Care Every Mama Care Kit. We have included just about everything the postpartum mom could need to feel loved and supported during the fourth trimester. Kind of like sending a hug in a box. And yes, we included food.