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La Mama Care Postpartum Care Kit

La Mama Care Postpartum Care Kit

We created La Mama Care for new moms looking for resources and nourishing items all in one easy box and shipped directly to you. As new moms ourselves, we searched to no avail for something to ease the transition after baby’s arrival (or babies’ for founder Anne!), hence La Mama Care was born.

While we wish we could send a fairy in every box to change diapers and sprinkle magic dust for those sleepless nights, we sincerely hope you find the thoughtful pieces we've curated in our postpartum care boxes to be enriching to your body and soul. 




Why "La Mama Care?"

We named our new business that because one of our founders, Anne, and her sister lovingly call their mom, La Mama. And the point of what we are doing is to care for moms! Voila! La Mama Care! 

Why now? 

The maternal death rate in the United States is at a frightful high. When more attention is paid to the baby than the mom, red flags can be overlooked, which can be catastrophic for women. Our mission is about wholistic postpartum care for moms. We begin with our care kit, and work to empower new moms with education and resources.

We want every mom to know that we see her, and her mental and physical health matters beyond the baby.