Mama Minute September 30 - October 5

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A new internet debate, "postpartum emotions", a new alternative to a baby shower, and more in this week's postpartum news. 

Breastfeeding in the News

One of our favorite ads has split the parenting community, Yahoo reports. We literally LOL’d when we saw the video, so we are firmly in the Elvie camp. Our other controversial stances: we pick Jen over Angie, the dress was blue, and Carrie should have stayed with Aiden.

Do you live in California? CBS Sacramento shared an update on new workplace lactation standards for the Golden State.

Well, this explains a lot.

Our Canadian sisters now have a way to identify safe breastfeeding spaces. Victoria News reports that British Columbia businesses can place a decal on their shopfront to designate themselves as breastfeeding friendly. Hello, 2018 - can the U.S. come and visit soon?

Why we can’t have nice things

Nothing to report here this week!

Postpartum mind + body

Motherly reported that 61% percent of moms say they “were ‘afraid or nervous’ their first time having sex postpartum.” To that we say, and the other 39% were lying.

As all of The Mamas have struggled with a variety of perinatal and postpartum mood disorders, we aren’t big fans of the overarching term “postpartum depression”. That’s why we were thrilled to see this SELF article that reports on Serena’s (we feel we are on a first name basis at this point) preferred term: “postpartum emotions”. All the feels.

Praise Hands

We are loving this idea of a “Blessingway” on Scary Mommy. Planning an upcoming Blessingway? Don’t forget a La Mama Care Kit!

GMA featured The Perfect Mom’s “Anxious Mama” series this week. She’s a fave of The Mamas, so we are cheering her on and happy to see the conversation continuing around maternal anxiety.

The Baltimore Sun showcased Baltimore Healthy Start, Inc. - an organization aimed at lowering the maternal mortality rate in Baltimore. We’re hoping the rest of the country follows suit.

The New York Times reminded us that every new mom needs a postpartum doula.

Winning the internet this week