Mama Minute October 7-12

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Cardi B talks postpartum health issues, the postpartum sex debate, tips for squeezing in self-care after baby, and more in this week's postpartum news.

Breastfeeding in the News

Breastfeeding mamas, you know the feeling. You’re in public and your baby wants to nurse. The panic sets in...and everything goes to hell. Today’s Parent captured this moment perfectly.

Postpartum mind + body

We love getting health tips from MindBodyGreen. This week they cover ways to manage postpartum sadness and anxiety.

Thought of trying intermittent fasting to drop some of the pregnancy pounds? Women’s Health gave the lowdown on why it’s probably not the best idea if you are still breastfeeding.

Postpartum health issues are all too common yet rarely discussed. We were glad to see Motherly, Inc. shining light on Ayesha Curry’s recent thyroid surgery and SELF talking with Cardi B about all of the unexpected emotions and health issues she experienced after giving birth to Kulture. Let’s keep having these conversations so less moms feel alone when trouble strikes.

POPSUGAR gave both sides of the postpartum sex debate. To do it or not to do it, that is the question.

We all know we need more self care in our lives. We all know that as mamas we have zero time for it. The What To Expect When You’re Expecting blog gave us a few tips for how new mamas can sneak it in.

Why we can’t have nice things

As USA Today reported,

Praise hands

We were SO EXCITED to see our favorite place in Austin (The Hive) make local news this past week! We were even more excited to see a pic (and quote) of La Mama Care Co-Founder, Jacqueline, in the article.

If you haven’t seen March of Dimes’ viral #BlanketChange campaign yet, this press release will break it down (and break your heart) for you.

CafeMom highlighted a young breast cancer survivor’s story that went viral this week on our friend Hello My Tribe’s Instagram page. Meghan reminded all of us that a fed baby is a happy baby - no shame required.

Winning the internet this week